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London City

We seek to invest in SMEs across the consumer and technology sectors, which have the following characteristics:

  • A differentiated product / service proposition supported by positive underlying market trends;

  • Strong historical financial performance, with sustained profitability and significant growth potential;

  • An ambitious management team with a clear vision; and

  • A situational dynamic that requires external operational support.


With genuine partnership at the heart of our investment philosophy, we believe in working side-by-side with management teams to achieve a shared vision and a truly successful outcome for all. A company often faces unforeseen challenges or opportunities during an investment period and if the stakeholders are fully aligned, it has the ability to react swiftly and decisively when it reaches these key milestones. 


Our approach is centred on 

seamlessly integrating our team into a business, providing both operational and strategic support to management. The GC team has the ability to function as an extension of the existing management team working alongside them on a day-to-day basis, helping to implement the infrastructure, processes and value enhancement initiatives that are often required to develop a robust platform for growth.



We are focused on facilitating transactions in the following situations:

  • Growth Capital: where GC can provide a company with the required investment to scale and help accelerate growth through providing access to additional resources, capabilities and an extensive network. 

  • Ownership Transitions: where GC can provide the owner of a business with an opportunity to fully or partially realise value. These particular situations require flexibility and transparency as they often involve the careful execution of a succession plan for the next stage of the company’s journey.

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